Congratulations, you did it! You had a terrific interview, provided solid references, and they think you’re a great fit. However, the salary they shared simply seems too low. Can you afford to ask for more than they’re offering? Sure! It just takes some research and a little confidence.

Talking money is intimidating. You know you’re worth more than what you’re being offered, but how do you express that to your supervisor or new potential employer? It’s important to keep a cool head and back up your request with why you deserve to be well compensated. Thinking through exactly what you say and how to communicate it effectively, will be sure to get you to your goal.

Start with Research

Check out websites like and to get a feel for what your projected salary should be, based on the industry and area in which you live. Know what other companies in your area are paying for comparison. Don’t expect the top-of-the-range, big-city-salary if you’re just starting out in your profession, or you live in a small town. Overestimating your worth give employers a bad impression of your professionalism. Know what a comfortable range is before going into the interview so you aren’t caught off guard by an offer that’s too low, or higher than you anticipated. Keep a good poker face!

You Got the Offer!

You know they want you. Now you just need to reach a consensus on the numbers. Be respectful but firm, and tell them specifically why you think you are worth more than they are offering. Don’t forget to ask about what your pay will look like over time as you grow with the company. Take into consideration health insurance, 401k plans, and other non-monetary benefits that boost a salary. Make sure they have a system in place where you have an opportunity to prove your work ethic and earn more. Ask if they do performance reviews on a regular basis, and what to expect from them. Hold them accountable to this so that as you progress, you know what your job performance should look like.

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