Many businesses use recruiting agencies in order to fill open permanent and temporary positions. This often means that in order to get the job you want, you need to learn how to work with a recruiter. Follow these tips to become memorable to a recruiter in order to land your dream job.

Include Your Contact Information

A recruiter may feel you are perfect for a position, but if they don’t know how to contact you how are they going to tell you that you got the job? Always make sure that you include up to date contact information in your resume so that a recruiter can reach you if they need to.

Follow Up

You may have heard that if you continuously follow up about a job posting you will put yourself in the top of the hiring manager’s mind. This is great advice when working with recruiters for administrative and warehouse / assembly-type work. Check in once a week to show your interest and see if there are new openings that you may be qualified for in those areas.

Be Pleasant

When you follow up with a recruiter, be polite and professional. Treat them as you would a potential employer, because they are your link to your next job. Be willing to take on a new position, even if it is a temporary assignment, while you wait for a longer-term temp-to-hire position. Showing your willingness to work will keep you at the top of a recruiter’s mind. Some of these short-term assignments may turn into long-term roles when you put your best foot forward each day and show a potential employer what you can do.

Understand Who the Recruiter Works for

Companies hire recruiters to fill open positions, which means that the recruiter works for the company. The recruiter’s job is to find the best person for a specific open position, not to get you a job. Understand that the recruiter doesn’t work for you. If they don’t feel you are right for the position they are hiring for, ask them to keep you in mind if other potential positions become available. It’s never a guarantee.

Learning the right way to work with recruiters will put you at the top of their minds in a positive way. You will show them you are professional, eager and a pleasure to work with, all of the qualities of a good employee. And if you also have the necessary skills, they will recommend you for the open position.

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