If you have been applying to multiple positions and not getting a response, it may be your resume. There are some common mistakes that job seekers make that can make hiring managers pass over their resume. Here are three tips for making your resume go from don’t want to read to can’t put it down.

  1. Show Them the Numbers

Offer specifics when you discuss your accomplishments. Anyone can say they cut costs, but how many people can say they cut company costs by 30 percent? You can use performance reviews, analytics and status reports to define accomplishments that aren’t easy to quantify. The more numbers you can show potential employers, the more impressed they will be with your resume.

  1. Show What You Bring to the Table

Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. When it comes to hiring managers, they want to know what assets you have that will help the company. In order to communicate this in a resume, replace the standard summary and create a tailored statement outlining why the company should hire you.

Streamline you resume by putting relevant information in bullet points. Managers scan resumes for pertinent details. Make it easier for them to see your relevant skills and experience so they know at a glance you are a serious candidate.

  1. Show Them Unique Qualities

All job seekers have unique experience, interests or skills that will interest a potential employer. Find a way to highlight those in a resume to make it distinctive. Some ways to make your resume stand out include:

  • Highlighting relevant volunteer experience
  • Describing hobbies or interests that relate to the new job
  • Any unique job experience, such as internships, job shadowing or boot camps

Spicing your resume up with unique qualities is more impressive to hiring managers than scented paper or wacky fonts.

When a manager is reading hundreds of resumes, they create ways to quickly whittle the pile down to a manageable number. By adding bullets, showing them statistics, highlighting why they should hire you and proving to them what makes you exceptional, you may increase the number of interviews you receive.

If you are a job seeker who needs help improving their resume, reach out to Job Store today. We can help you spice up your resume and improve your job prospects.

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