As a hiring manager, one of the most important questions to ask is “Why should we hire you?” It allows you to find out what a candidate thinks they bring to the table and if the job seeker will fit into your organization. Here are some things to listen for as candidates answer this question.

How Well Do They Summarize?

A good candidate will to give you a succinct answer to this question. During their answer they should tell you:

  • Solutions they provide
  • Benefits they bring to the company
  • Problems they solve for the company

You’ll be able to tell if they have rehearsed their answer and researched your company in order to offer specific benefits.

How Do They Meet Requirements?

This question offers you a final look at how well they meet the requirements for the position. Focus on:

  • How their background fits your needs
  • How their character traits fit company culture
  • How their education fits the position
  • The skill sets they possess

Use this question as a last review of the candidate to see if they are a good fit.

Do They Go Beyond Requirements?

Does the candidate meet minimum requirements, or do they offer more? Listen to see if the job seeker shows you how they offer more than the minimum.

Some examples of this include:

  • Do they have six years in the field and you require three?
  • Do they meet the company wish list of skills you like in candidates but don’t require?
  • Will their skills help them grow the position to meet future company goals?

Meeting minimum requirements shouldn’t be your main focus in a job interview. Look for candidates who offer more to improve the quality of work you receive from your employees.

Do They Give Examples?

Does the candidate offer you specific examples of how they have performed duties in other jobs or meet position requirements? The more examples they can offer you the better they will be able to fit into your organization.

Of course not everyone will have all the skills, background and character traits you are looking for in a new employee. However, the candidates who answer the “Why we should hire you?” question with specific examples, offer skills beyond minimum requirements and tailor their answer to your organization, will provide you with top finalists for your open position.

Whether you are looking for help with streamlining your interview process or need qualified candidates, our experts are here to offer assistance. Contact us today to fill your open positions.

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