If you are looking to fill open positions in 2016, you need to start with the job description. Inaccurate or out-of-date job descriptions will frustrate candidates, drag out the hiring process, and will hamper employee success.

Is the Current Description Accurate?

On your quest to write an accurate job description for open positions, you need to start by determining the accuracy of the current job description. A survey discovered that 53% of employees feel that their job description doesn’t reflect current duties.

Has the Position Changed?

One of the reasons why employees feel that the job description is inaccurate is because their job has evolved over time, and the description hasn’t kept up with the changes. In the same survey, 41 percent of employees felt that their job description was inaccurate because their duties have grown but the description stayed the same.

Attract the Right Candidates

If you review the current job description and update it to improve accuracy, you will be able to attract the right candidates for the position. The survey found that 97 percent of human resource managers believe that an accurate job description is critical in a candidate search.

Make the Hiring Process Painless

By creating an accurate job description and attracting the right candidates, you will be able to spend less time vetting and interviewing candidates. You will increase your chance of finding a good fit for your organization and the candidate will have a thorough understanding of company expectations.

Increase Employee Success

If you are able to find a qualified candidate who understands the requirements of the position and company expectations, you will increase their chance of success. A successful employee will increase performance, and it will reduce employee turnover.

You can’t expect candidates to understand what you are looking for if you have an inaccurate job description. If you don’t understand the current responsibilities of the open position, you won’t be able to target and interview the right candidates. If you hire the wrong person for the job, the new employee won’t be able to meet expectations, which may lead to unsatisfactory job performance. The employee may even leave the company to find a position that is better suited to their experience.

If you want to start 2016 off on the right foot, write accurate descriptions for your open positions. If you are having difficulty creating job descriptions, then contact us. We can help you describe the position accurately and find better candidates in 2016.

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