Job performance is important but sometimes awesomeness seems out of reach. There are times you may feel overwhelmed, distracted or just bored. However, there is a way to be awesome at all of your tasks. Just follow these seven easy steps and you will go from zero to company hero.

Plan to Succeed

Sometimes you can be bogged down in details or lose your way after you start a project. Create a plan for projects so that you know ahead of time how long it will take, all of the steps involved and how to navigate through the details.

This will help you remain focused, always know where you left off and help you complete the project faster. Complete the project before the deadline, and your manager may start to think of you as a miracle worker.

Eliminate Interruptions

Often, you are knee-deep in a project or important task and the phone rings or someone comes up to your cubicle and starts talking about their weekend plans. Find a way to show others you don’t wish to be disturbed when you need to focus on what you are doing. Whether it is wearing headphones, hanging a sign on the edge of your cubicle or shutting your office door if you have one, you have to be willing to avoid interruptions until the project is complete.

You can always catch up on office gossip after you have impressed management with your focus.

Turn Off Your Phone and Email

Don’t leave your email open on your computer, and turn off your phone while you are working on important projects. Otherwise, you may be tempted to check your inbox every few minutes or take a call that may set you off on another task. There is no such thing as successful multitasking. The only way to achieve awesomeness is to focus on one job at a time.

Don’t Rush

Completing a task quickly isn’t always the same thing as completing a task accurately. If you rush through a task because you feel you have too much to do in a day, you may make careless mistakes. Slowing down and doing a job right takes less time than having to do a job again because you rushed through it.

Make it Count

You’re not going to enjoy all of the aspects of your job. Some tasks will be repetitive, tedious, or require painstaking detail. People often dread these tasks so they don’t perform at the best of their ability. If you want to be awesome at your job, you need to find a way to make these tasks interesting.

Try to focus on the reason behind why you have to do this task. If it is something that is important to the company or will help people, then it will make it easier to find meaning in the tedious. You will want to do your best to improve the outcome, and you will become the office hero.

Give Yourself a Break

Plowing your way through your work for hours on end does more harm than pulling away from a task every once in awhile to take a break. You can only focus on one task for approximately 45 minutes before you start to get distracted or put less effort in what you are doing.

You can also use the break as a way to encourage yourself to focus on the task. Telling yourself you can grab a cup of coffee in 20 minutes is better than dwelling on the fact that you have to work for two hours before you can take a break.

Don’t Work on an Empty Stomach

You can’t be awesome if you are hungry. You will be unable to concentrate and won’t be working at your best if you skip breakfast or lunch to complete a task. Eat well and have a snack in the middle of the day to keep up your energy level so that you can get more done.

Being awesome is about getting the job done right, no matter how complicated, boring or large it may be. Having a plan, focusing on the task, eliminating distractions and understanding your task is important will help you to be awesome at work.

If you are awesome at your job and want to move forward in your career then contact us. We can help you find open positions with companies who will appreciate your stellar performance.

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