You’ve put in a few years of work at your company, you’ve done a good job, and now you feel like you are ready to take on more responsibility. Unfortunately, becoming a manager is not as easy as walking into your boss’s office and telling them that you are ready. Instead of telling them that you are ready, you must show them. Demonstrate through your work and actions that you are someone ready to take on a leadership position. Here are five ways to do this.

Be a problem solver.

Leaders solve problems, they don’t look to others for answers. Instead of turning to your boss the next time you encounter a problem, first look for solutions on your own. That way, you can approach your boss with a solution, not a problem.

Be proactive.

You should be proactive in looking for areas that offer opportunities for you to make an impact in terms of coming up with creative solutions.

Seek out small management opportunities.

Chances are, there are many opportunities for you to take on a small leadership role, whether it be leading a project, supervising an intern, or just running a meeting.   If you take on and do well in these small opportunities, it will demonstrate to your bosses that you are not only willing but ready to assume a larger managerial role.

Learn about the whole company, not just your job.

Managers are responsible for the goings on of the entire company’s operations, not just one particular job. The better you understand the company and how it runs, the better position you will be in to succeed in a leadership position.

Be professional.

It should go without saying, but nothing will make a good impression on your bosses more than showing up on time, working hard, staying late if needed, and overall just doing good work.

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