Skills Are Nice, but Here's Why You Should Hire for Personality

Deciding who to hire is never easy. Looking over someone’s resume and meeting them once in an interview does not offer much evidence on whether that person will be able to succeed day-to-day with your company. The best indicator of success may not be the list of accomplishments and experience, but rather the candidate’s personality. A person with drive, enthusiasm, and a willingness to be trained may just be a better bet than the person with a stellar resume but less-than-stellar personality. Here are some reasons why.

Workplace culture is crucial.

Employees that enjoy coming to work and being around each other will be more productive and do better work. This is why employers should place a premium on finding people with a personality that is likely to fit in with the company’s culture and likely to mesh well with the other employees. Not only will the person with the good personality be more successful, so will the others around him or her.

Enthusiastic individuals can make an immediate impact.

People who enter the job with an enthusiastic and driven personality are more likely to get off the ground quickly and make their mark early on. They will be more willing to take on assignments and contribute their ideas, which can pay immediate dividends for all involved.

Personality cannot be learned.

For the most part, a new employee can learn the skills required to do their job. Personality, on the other hand, cannot be imparted through any training program. A person either has a good personality or they don’t. For this reason, hiring the candidate with the best personality may be the better bet than the one with the best skills.

Personality can set certain candidates apart.

Today’s candidate pools are flooded with qualified candidates. At a certain point, separating candidates based on things like skills and experience may be impossible. Instead, having an intangible factor like personality can be a good way to weed out the right candidates from the wrong ones.
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