Asking for a raise is not an easy proposition. The stakes are great, the topic is uncomfortable, and chances are, you don’t have much experience in the area. Because the conversation is so important, it is crucial that you think about how you are going to approach it, and go in with a set plan of attack. Here a few pointers to get you started.

Research a salary range.

Your employer is much more likely to agree to your request if they feel that you are not pulling a number out of thin air. Before your negotiation, research the salaries for comparable positions and individuals with your level of experience in your region. That way, you can provide a concrete number to your employer and back it up with support, rather than just making an open-ended pitch.

Approach the negotiation with the proper mindset.

Salary negotiations are delicate matters, and can often be awkward or uncomfortable if they are not approached the right way. In making your request, you should be firm and assertive, but still friendly. Understand that you are there for a reason. You should not be overly demanding, but don’t feel like you’re wasting your employer’s time or asking for a favor.

Spell out your accomplishments.

Your employer should understand exactly what you have brought to the company and what you will offer in the future. Plan a presentation that outlines exactly what you bring to the company and what makes you valuable. This can include printed materials, a PowerPoint presentation, or anything else that may help get the point across.

Be open-minded.

Your mindset going into the salary negotiation should not necessarily be raise or bust. Sometimes there is simply no wiggle room for employers to offer raises at a particular time, but they may be able to accommodate you in other ways, such as increasing your role, offering more benefits, or providing some kind of incentives or altered bonus package.

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