It’s no secret that building an online presence these days is a great way to get a leg up in your job search, particularly if you have a personal website.  It turns out, having a personal website may not just be a good idea, it may be necessary.  It may be as important if not more so than other job search essentials like resume-building and networking.  Here are some reasons why.

Showing, rather than telling.

Crafting a good resume and cover letter are obviously crucial, as they are still the main way to show off your skills and experience.  But these documents can only convey so much.  A personal website allows you to showcase your work itself, rather than just describing it.  Whether it’s photos, videos, writing samples, or links, websites offer numerous ways to broadcast your work to prospective employers.

Stand out from the crowd.

Personal websites are still rare enough that having one is a great way to set yourself apart from others in the crowded candidate pool.  Websites get you noticed, and just might give you the edge you need.

Control your branding.

Finding a job is about selling your own candidacy, and that is all about branding.  Creating a personal brand is a great way to package your skills and experience to prospective employers in a way that will best get their attention.  A personal website is a great way to establish your personal brand by tailoring your site to the particular industry you seek to work in.

Build your network.

Personal websites are a great way to network.  Including an interactive feature on your site, such as a blog, allows you to interact with others in a similar field or position.  These people can end up being invaluable professional contacts.

Easily to find.

Personal websites put you out into the world, and in turn make you much more accessible to potential employers searching for candidates.

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