As a manager, one of the big questions is how to keep employees motivated and productive on a daily basis.  Providing a competitive salary and benefits can only go so far.  In order to actually maintain employee engagement, you must find ways to make employees happy and make them feel like they’re a valuable part of something concrete.

With that in mind, here a few tips on how to keep employees motivated and engaged.

1. Establish a clear vision.

Employees want to know they are a part of something and that their efforts are contributing to something real. It is important that you establish a clear vision for what the company is and what you want it to be.

2. Give your employees the tools they need to succeed.

This includes all equipment, supplies, training, and support that employees may need to succeed at their assigned tasks. Don’t just assume that employees have all the tools they need.

3. Communication is key.

Communication is one of a manager’s most important jobs.  Maintaining effective communication between all departments of the office, in terms of goals, concerns, and objectives, is key to creating a positive culture in which employees will be engaged.

4. Get employees involved in decision making.

Employees who feel like they have a say in decisions are much more likely to feel they are a valuable part of the company and thus more likely to be engaged.

5. Provide feedback.

Giving feedback often to employees is a great way to keep them engaged.   Positive feedback reinforces and encourages, while negative feedback will allow employees to know where they stand and make improvements.

6. Act fairly and respectfully.

When problems arise, take time to analyze the situation before acting.  Be fair and respectful to employees.  If you make a mistake, take responsibility.  This will create an atmosphere of trust among employees.

7. Lighten the mood.

A good manager can create an atmosphere that is both productive and enjoyable.  Employees spend a lot of time at the office, and it should be a place they enjoy, not dread.

8. Focus on growing, adapting, and developing.

Employees want to work in a place they feel is growing and moving in a positive direction.  Growth and potential is exciting for all involved.

9. Find creative ways to avoid downsizing.

Nothing demoralizes employees like layoffs and downsizing.  To avoid the inevitable drain on moral, consider creative ways to trim costs that allow you to keep your employees.

10. Implement incentives.

Providing incentives for different kinds of performance is a great way to keep employees motivated and striving for particular goals.

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