Denver has consistently ranked among the best cities in the country for businesses and job-seekers.  One big reason why is that the city is committed to helping both businesses and job-seekers through programs like the Workforce Initiative Now (WIN) program.

The WIN program is a collaboration between Denver’s Regional Transportation District, the Community College of Denver, Denver Transit Partners, and the Urban League of Metropolitan Denver.  The program creates jobs in the transportation and construction industries and provides employment training, placement services, and other services.

The aim of the program is to put people to work.  Here is a look at the benefits it provides to both job-seekers and businesses alike.

Benefits to job-seekers

For people looking for work, the program provides numerous benefits.  First, WIN employs a wide network of community and technical colleges in order to offer a single focused outreach program designed to provide training and skills necessary to succeed in today’s workforce.

The program also provides placement services, which includes career coaching and mentoring, and follow-up to ensure successful placement and increase the likelihood of retention.

WIN is open to all individuals over 18 years of age who are eligible to work in the US.  The program even offers assistance attaining a GED for those individuals who need one.

Benefits to businesses

Workforce Initiative Now benefits companies in the construction and transportation industries by providing access to skilled workers and work opportunities.

The program works directly with local businesses to get a sense of what kind of skills are needed in the workforce.  They then focus their training efforts on these skills to provide the most targeted benefit to businesses.

The program provides streamlined access to skilled workers which saves businesses valuable time and money. There are also potential tax benefits available.  The program will also provide support for customized training that prepares workers for specifications of your work.

Current opportunities are centered around the development of the I-70 corridor to Denver International Airport.

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