Avoid These 6 Major Interview Blunders

When it comes to landing a job, there is no step more important than the interview.  The interview is the place where a prospective employer can get a sense of what type of person you are, and whether or not you meet their needs.
Having a good interview is essential if you want to land the job.  Many otherwise qualified candidate miss out on opportunities by making one of these small but costly errors.  Avoid these common mistakes in order to ace your next interview:

Showing up late.

Showing up late to an interview is a great way to ruin your chances of landing a job before they even get off the ground.  If you can’t show up for your interview on time, an employer is likely to view you as unreliable and someone who can’t be counted on to show up on time consistently for work or any future event. Leave extra time to arrive to your interview, and be sure to factor in things like traffic and other potential delays.  Arriving early and having to sit around for a few minutes is much better than the alternative.

Dressing inappropriately.

An interviewer’s attention should be on what you say, not what you wear.  Plan to dress professionally and conservatively, with minimal accessories.  Some industries have a more formal dress code than others, so keep that in mind, but air on the side of more when formal when in doubt.

Not having a copy of your resume and other materials.

Even if you have sent in your materials beforehand, chances are there is someone in the interview who has not read them.  Always have extra copies of your resume, references and any other materials the employer may ask for.

Not making eye contact.

It is crucial that you appear confident and in control throughout the interview.  Look people in the eye, smile, and shake hands firmly.  Your presence and body language is in many ways as important as what you say.

Not paying attention to the questions you are asked.  Good interviews flow like conversations.

They have questions and follow ups back and forth.  You should always pay close attention to what the interviewer is asking and take a second to plan your answer before speaking.

Not doing your research.

The biggest mistake you can make in an interview is showing up unprepared.  Before your interview, you should do as much research as possible to familiarize yourself with the company and the people you will be interviewing with.  The more preparation you put in, the better you will do.
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