In today’s competitive job market, everybody is looking for a leg up.  The edge you are looking for may be easier to attain that you may think. In fact, it can be done in as little as 5 minutes.

The secret? Reach out to someone who holds the job you are seeking and ask to speak about what that person has learned about the position.  Simple, quick, but incredibly effective.

Why it works

First and foremost, people who hold your job currently are in a prime position to connect you with people in the industry looking to hire.  They know the market and the field, and can be the best networking tool there is.

Beyond that, when interviewing potential candidates, interviewers like to see that the candidate has a grasp of what the job entails.  Many candidates will spend time researching the company and its website and be able to recite lines about the job.  But there is truly no better source for actual insight than someone who is doing the work currently.  The person will be able to tell you exactly what a typical day is like, what the difficult aspects of the position are, and what it takes to succeed.

Armed with this information, you will be in a great position to impress the interviewer with your knowledge of the job and the industry.  You will also be able to think and speak convincingly about how your skills and experience will enable you to succeed in the specific roles that you will be called upon to perform.

How to do it

The best way to approach a person who holds the job is to focus more on seeking a favor and less on seeking a job.  For example, you can tell the person that you enjoyed a recent presentation that they gave, and ask to speak with them further about the subject.  It is likely that the person will assume you are looking for a job, but they will still be more receptive to help you out than if you flat out asked for help obtaining a job. Try asking the person to meet for coffee and buy them coffee or lunch as a “thanks” for their time.

Sending out an email that is a thinly-veiled request for work will serve to separate the people who are not willing to help from those that are. Once you get in touch with the people who are willing to help, you are in a prime position to succeed in your job search.

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