Team building exercises are an important way to bring employees closer together and promote a collaborative, productive environment. If not done right, they can also be tedious, boring or campy for the staff.

The key to a successful team building exercise is to find some activity that will promote team building and bring people together while also proving stimulating and entertaining for those involved.

Here are three examples of successful team building activities that your staff will love and that will bring them closer together in the process.

  1. Survival scenario. This activity is both fun and forces participants to work together in trying to solve a problem. Participants are told that they are stuck on a desert island and can only have a certain number of items with them. Participants then work as a whole or in small groups to decide what items they will bring. In addition to forcing participants to collaborate and problem solve, the activity also allows participants to learn about each other and what each considers important.
  1. Back-to-back drawing. In this activity, staff members are divided into pairs and sit with their backs facing each other. One person is given the picture of an object or shape, the other is given a pad and pencil. The partner with the object must describe the object to the other partner, who must then try to draw the object based on the description. The activity promotes collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving.
  1. Group outing. Taking the whole office out for an organized activity is a great, fun way to build team camaraderie. There are many possibilities of activities, such as golf, bowling, sports event, amusement park, barbecue. All of these activities will allow staff to interact in a fun, informal environment and get to know each other much better. Staff that get along will ultimately be much more productive than staff that don’t

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