The bad boss – we’ve all had them, or at least heard stories.

Some bosses are overbearing, others fail to give credit, and still others are just ineffective managers.

While dealing with a difficult boss is never easy, there are some good ways to approach. Along the way, you can learn some valuable lessons that can benefit you in your career and life moving forward.

Here are five things you can learn from dealing with a bad boss.

  1. How to effectively communicate your needs. Often times, an ineffective boss does not realize they are ineffective. Their intentions may be right, but their style may not meet the needs of the staff. They may think their hands-off approach is empowering the staff. They may not realize that their instructions are unclear. Dealing with this type of boss requires you to be clear and emphatic in expressing what you need from them and what ways they are not giving you what you need. Tell them exactly what you need from them in terms of feedback, direction, assistance, assignments, and support. Learning how to be direct and clear in communicating your needs will prove to be valuable skill going forward.
  2. How to seek out help. If you are not getting the kind of feedback and support you need from your boss, you may be forced to seek it out from other channels. You can turn to coworkers, supervisors, or other professionals. You will learn how to be resourceful and how to build professional relationships and work well with others.
  1. How to get things done on your own. Working without the external support a good boss provides can lead you to take on more tasks on your own. Ultimately, this will make you more self-sufficient and less reliant on others, both positive skills moving forward.
  1. How to be proactive. If your boss does not respond to direct talks, you can then try turning to the HR department or your boss’s supervisor. If things still do not improve, you can seek a transfer or promotion. This process of taking bold steps in seeking a solution will help you to be more proactive in dealing with situations going forward.
  1. How not to conduct yourself. Finally, as much as dealing with a bad boss can teach you how to do certain things, it can be as helpful in teaching you how not do things. If you think your boss is difficult to deal with, chances are you’re not the only one. Knowing how to effectively deal with and lead others is a crucial skill in the workplace. If you see certain ways that your boss is ineffective in this area, you can get a better sense going forward of what works and what doesn’t.

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