Turning Your Duties into Resume Accomplishments

Putting together a resume is about selling yourself. Too often, resumes read more like a list of duties than a list of accomplishments.
The difference between the two is big. “Planning events,” is a duty. “Managing all aspects of a large thousand-person charity benefit dinner,” is an accomplishment. Duties only show prospective employers what you have done. Accomplishments show them what you potentially bring to them.
The key in putting together a resume is taking your daily duties and turning them into accomplishments. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

  1. Focus on what sets you apart. For every job duty, emphasize how that duty is special in your case. Was the duty above and beyond your normal tasks? Was your performance recognized by a supervisor? Did you win any awards for it? Did you save the company money? Did you meet a company goal or quota? Any of these things transform a simple duty into an accomplishment that will make a prospective employer take notice.
  1. Include numbers. Add as many facts and figures as possible to help paint your accomplishments in the clearest and strongest form possible. Don’t just say you managed your company’s budget, say how large the budget was and how much you saved. Don’t just say you oversaw other employees, say how many. Don’t just say you planned events, say how many people were involved and how much money the events raised.
  1. Explain the benefit. Describe how what you did had a positive impact on the company. Don’t just say you put together client reports, say you put together client reports which ensured that clients received timely and effective information and facilitated positive client relations. Don’t just say you handled the budget, say you managed the budget which enabled the company to function effectively and remain financially healthy.

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