3 Tips to Go from Temp to Hired

Some people may be hesitant to take temporary work because of the uncertainty and possibility of landing full-time work somewhere else.
The truth is, taking a temp job can be one of the best ways land full-time employment. You get the chance to meet employers and prove that you can succeed at the job, giving you a big leg up over someone outside the company if a position opens up.
There’s no guarantees, but if you play your cards right, and follow these tips, you can give yourself a good chance of going from temp to hired.

  1. Exceed expectations. It goes without saying that if you want any chance at hired, you have to be reliable and do good work. This means showing up on time, meeting deadlines, and handing in quality work that is in line with company’s standards. These things are expected. If you truly want to give yourself the best shot to land a full-time position, you’ll need to go beyond these basic expectations. This can mean handing assignments in early, pitching ideas, or even anticipating work before it’s assigned.   This will make you stand out and show the company that you are valuble.
  1. Act like an employee. It can be easy to think of your job as just temporary and not take it too seriously. Don’t fall into that trap. Treat your temp job as if you were a full-time employee. Be enthusiastic, speak up in meetings, take on assignments outside your typical duties. If you act like you belong, there’s a good chance your boss may think you do.
  1. Build relationships. Your work is obviously important, but as important is building relationships with the people you work with. Working as a temp gives you the great opportunity to network and meet people in your field. Take advantage of the opportunity. Be visible in the office, introduce yourself to coworkers, participate in office events.

If your coworkers view you as someone they want to go to work with everyday, you are much more likely to be hired.
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