5 Potential Interview Questions for Sales Representatives

When interviewing for a sales representative role, the hiring manager wants to see how you handle situations with colleagues and clients. They typically do this by asking behavioral interview questions to learn about your sales strategies and tactics. Demonstrating your skills and abilities while answering these interview questions increases your odds of advancing in the hiring process.

You can practice answering potential interview questions for sales representatives to increase your performance. Be sure to include relevant situations that demonstrate how you overcame challenges at work. This indicates how you likely would respond to similar circumstances in your next position.

Practice answering these five potential interview questions for sales representatives to help secure your next role.

1. Please outline your daily routine and organizational skills.

The interviewer wants to determine how you approach work, finish multiple tasks, and submit quality work by the deadlines.

For instance, “When I start work, I check my emails and return phone calls. Then, I call prospects to show how they could benefit from our product. I put any upcoming events on my calendar. After that, I meet with our sales team to share ideas to bring in new customers. Before the end of the day, I check in with my customers to ensure they are satisfied with our product.”

2. What is your process for closing sales?

The interviewer wants to understand your approach and strategy for making sales.

For instance, “I had a customer who was uncertain about our company’s industry knowledge. I talked about what the customer’s challenges were, provided resources to overcome them, and answered their industry questions. I built a relationship with the customer, then met with them to explain the product again and how it would solve their problems. I ended up closing the sale.”

3. Can you talk about a time when you worked with a difficult customer?

The interviewer wants to know how you resolve issues while working with customers.

For instance, “I had a customer who disliked our prices. I met with the customer to discuss the details of their contract and how the updates they were receiving increased the price. Although the customer remained unhappy with the pricing, they understood the increase.”

4. Can you share how you handle losing a sale or customer?

The interviewer wants to see how professionally you recover from not achieving your desired outcome.

For instance, “I once lost a customer I thought I was developing a great rapport with. When I found out they were ending their contract, I contacted them to ask why. The customer said our company no longer was meeting their needs. I used this feedback to regularly check in with my customers to ensure we are meeting their needs.”

5. What was the most challenging sale you ever made?

The interviewer wants to uncover your passion for sales and better understand your talents as a sales representative.

For instance, “I had a prospect who was very particular about the products they purchased. I invested months working with the prospect to provide product details, testimonials, efficiency analytics, and material that answered the prospect’s questions. The prospect ended up signing a three-year contract.”

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