Finished Your Interview? Here Are the Next Steps You Should Take!

The steps you take after finishing an interview impact your chances of being offered the job. This is why following up with the interviewers is essential.

Asking about the next steps after finishing an interview reinforces the fact that you are a professional. It also keeps your name top-of-mind as a qualified candidate.

Properly taking the following steps after finishing your interview shows you are eager for the position. This can give you an edge when compared to another top candidate.

After finishing your interview, here are the next steps you should take.

Ask About the Next Steps

Find out what the next steps are in the hiring process. You might ask whether there will be another interview and when the selected candidates will be notified. Or, you could ask how many days it should take to make a hiring decision. Ensure you have the hiring manager’s contact information to follow up.

Consider Your Interview Performance

Write down your interview questions and answers. Include the things you should have said but did not. You may be able to include this information when you follow up with the interviewers.

You also can uncover any issues and why they occurred. Understanding your mistakes can improve your performance during your next interview.

Write Down Relevant Details

Record the information you want to remember. This may include the interviewers’ names, insights you gained about the work environment or any questions you had. You could bring up relevant details during the next step of the hiring process.

Send Thank-You Notes

Email a personalized thank-you note to each of your interviewers. Let them know how much you appreciated talking with them.

Include three main topics covered during your interview and three main qualifications that equip you for the role. This helps you stand out among the other candidates.

Wait to Be Contacted

Continue to interview with other companies as you wait to hear back about the position. If you do not hear back from an interviewer by the given date, follow up through the hiring manager’s preferred communication method. Or, if you accept a job offer, let the hiring manager know you no longer are considering employment with their company.

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