Reasons to Hire an Underqualified Candidate Beyond Their Resume

Like most employers, the tight labor market likely is impacting your team. If you have roles to fill, you should consider hiring beyond a candidate’s resume.

Underqualified candidates often are enthusiastic and willing to learn. Most can quickly develop the skills needed for success in a position.

As a result, you should consider relaxing the job requirements to increase your candidate pool. This can increase your access to top talent.

Discover five reasons to look beyond the resume and hire an underqualified candidate.

Qualified Talent Is Limited

Employers are expected to struggle to hire qualified talent throughout 2023. Letting roles remain open increases stress for your employees who are picking up the slack. This increases the odds of employee burnout. It also lowers employee retention rates.

You can resolve this issue by hiring underqualified candidates who enjoy learning. You can train them to perform the work and begin contributing to your organization.

Gen Z Is Entering the Workforce

Gen Z is graduating and finding their first roles. These job seekers typically have vast knowledge and skills but limited professional experience. As a result, you should look beyond their resumes when making hiring decisions.

Gen Z is the most tech-savvy generation. Having recently finished high school or college, these graduates are well-equipped to continue learning while on the job. As a result, you should give these underqualified candidates opportunities to contribute to your team.

Hard Skills Can Be Learned

An underqualified candidate with a positive attitude and motivation can be trained to develop the required technical skills. The candidate’s temperament, coachability, and soft skills have a bigger impact on their success than their current lack of hard skills. This is why hiring beyond a candidate’s resume is important.

You Can Offer Less Compensation

An underqualified candidate may be willing to accept lower wages or salary than a qualified candidate. You could point out that receiving less income helps offset the costs of additional training and lower productivity. You also might mention offering a bonus or raise after a set time, such as 6 months.

You Might Gain a Long-Term Employee

Hiring beyond a candidate’s resume could result in adding a loyal, productive member to your team. Giving the underqualified candidate an opportunity to develop their skill set may lead to a highly engaged and well-performing employee.

The more training and support you offer, the longer the employee should remain with your organization. This reduces your time dedicated to hiring, onboarding, and training.

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