What You Can Do to Increase Positive Online Reviews

The majority of customers turn to online reviews to learn about a product or service. Many customers rely on these reviews to determine whether they should do business with a certain company. In many cases, this information is as important as a personal recommendation.

As a result, your company should prioritize earning positive online reviews. Proactively building your organization’s reputation increases your customer base. It also attracts employees to your company. Both impact your bottom line.

Implement these tips to help your company gain positive online reviews.

Request Customer Reviews

Ask customers to share online reviews of your business. Most customers have a few minutes to evaluate your products or services.

Be aware that offering a financial incentive in exchange for a positive online review is a bad business practice. At most, you may consider giving loyal customers a discount on their next purchase or another valuable offering.

Increase the Ease of Providing Reviews

Include your company in multiple directories. This allows customers to share online reviews of your products or services. The easier it is for customers to submit online reviews, the more likely they will share them.

For instance, send a follow-up email to each customer asking about their satisfaction with your products or services. Request they share their thoughts about your business. Or, use email or social media to create customer surveys or polls. Post your findings on your company website.

Engage with Customers Online

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social sites to interact with customers. Create posts and ask questions encouraging customers to share their thoughts about your business.

The positive messages accurately represent your company. This attains the same goal as positive online reviews.

Share on Facebook the positive feedback your company receives. Also, retweet the positive words customers say about your business. Thank your customers for their kind words.

Your organization’s interactions with customers portray your business in a positive manner. This enhances your company’s reputation.

Respond to Negative Reviews

Quickly respond to any negative customer reviews. For instance, apologize for the customer not experiencing complete satisfaction with their purchase. Then, find out the issue and what may have caused it. Next, suggest ways to solve the problem. After that, implement the solution that best satisfies the customer.

Resolving issues shows you value your customers. This encourages them to do repeat business with your company. It also may result in negative reviews being turned into positive ones.

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