The Top Soft Skills for Job Seekers

Your soft skills help set you apart from the competition. This is especially important when top candidates tend to have similar industry knowledge, hard skills, and other qualifications for a role.

Because remote work is on the rise, soft skills are more important than ever. These interpersonal skills show why you’re a great employee beyond your technical skills and professional experience.

Ensure your share your soft skills in your resume and during interviews. This increases your odds of securing a job.

These are some of the top soft skills for job seekers.


Your ability to look at a task or situation and find a way to resolve the issue is important. The pandemic created new challenges for companies to overcome. This is why hiring managers need you to solve problems.

Include in your resume situations where you used your creativity to overcome adversity. Also, share during interviews your enthusiasm for tackling challenges. Hiring managers want to know that you’re open to overcoming hurdles to move the company forward.


How you converse with others and share information in an email is essential. The majority of communication now is done through email, chat, video, or phone conferencing. This means communication skills are more important now than ever.

Demonstrate your communication skills in your resume and during interviews. You may want to take a class to develop your skills in this area.

Time Management

Your ability to organize your schedule and finish projects on time is required. Because most companies work remotely or hybrid, hiring managers need to know you’ll remain productive. You must be able to avoid distractions without having a manager constantly checking on you.

Before interviewing for a job, find out which project management tools the company uses. Use the tools so you can talk about your experience. This helps set you apart from the candidates without this experience.

Emotional Intelligence

Your ability to perceive, evaluate, and respond to your emotions and others’ emotions is critical. Stress, grief, and frustration are increasing as the pandemic wears on. As a result, your ability to read your coworkers’ emotions and respond with compassion and empathy is required to develop interpersonal relationships.

Be sure to demonstrate your emotional intelligence during an interview. This can give you an edge over the competition.


Change is a constant in today’s companies. Rapid advancements in technology have employees regularly changing how they approach their work. This includes the fast move to remote work, videoconferencing, and online collaboration when COVID-19 began.

Consider the ways you adapted to new methods, technology, and ways of thinking in the past. Be prepared to share examples of your adaptability during your interviews.

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