2022 Interview Trends to Land Your Next Job

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As business needs continue to evolve, so does the recruitment process. Understanding these changes can help you navigate the job market. Having an idea of what employers expect from candidates can help you secure a job offer.

Discover how these 2022 interview trends can help you land a job.

Virtual Recruitment Is the Norm

Expect most of your interviews to be virtual. The coronavirus pandemic forced companies to shift digital recruitment. The process stayed because it saved a significant amount of time and money.

Employee Referrals Are on the Rise

Be sure to let the members of your network know about your job search. A growing number of employers are turning to their employees’ networks to find new hires. Your connections may know of an opening that fits your skills, experience, and interests. Or, they might introduce you to a hiring manager or connection who can help with your job search.

Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used for Recruitment

More companies are using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to determine which candidates to contact for interviews. Many companies also are using predictive analytics to understand their hiring needs, chatbots to schedule interviews, and other types of artificial intelligence (AI) in the interview process. These tools conduct structured, competency-based interviews to minimize bias.

Employers Prefer Cross-Functional Skills

If you have cross-functional skills, you’ll be more in demand than candidates without these skills. This is because you’re likely to have a more holistic picture of the company. You can use your skills to grow along with the organization.

The Recruitment Process Is Longer

More hiring managers are taking the time to determine whether candidates are motivated to learn future skills and remain committed to the company long-term. Many managers are conducting behavior interviews to assess whether a candidate’s personality traits blend with company culture. This helps increase retention.

Diversity and Inclusion Are Increasingly Important

There’s a strong emphasis on hiring employees from different backgrounds and creating a culture of fair treatment. Providing opportunities for each employee to thrive and feel equally valued is a priority. This may include offering sponsorship and mentorship opportunities and flexible work programs.

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