The Most Common Interview Questions of 2022

When you have a job interview coming up, you should prepare in advance. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by answering questions about your education, skills, and experience. The more you practice providing details about your background and qualifications, the easier it can be to show why you should receive a job offer.

Practice answering these common questions for your next interview in 2022.

Tell Me About Yourself.

Provide a concise, compelling pitch that shows why you’re the best fit for the role. Begin with a bit about your current position, including the scope and a significant accomplishment. Then, share the background of how you got there and your relevant experience. Finish with why you want the role and are well-qualified to carry out the duties and responsibilities.

Why Is There a Gap in Your Employment?

Be concise and honest about what took you away from the workforce. Perhaps you were taking care of your children or an aging parent. Maybe you had health issues or were traveling the world. Or, it might have taken a while to find the right job.

Share only the details you’re comfortable with. Include the skills you developed or gained during this time. This may have been through volunteering, running your home, or responding to a major life change. Discuss how these skills can help you be successful in the position.

What Is Your Greatest Professional Achievement?

Show how your previous experience makes you well-suited for the position. One of the best ways is to use the situation, task, action, and results (STAR) method. Begin by providing background context about a situation you encountered and the task you needed to complete. Then, describe the action you took and the results you attained. Show how your accomplishment relates to the role you desire.

Share a Challenge or Conflict You Faced at Work and How You Dealt with It.

Demonstrate how you face issues head-on and work to find a resolution. Remain calm and professional as you briefly talk about a difficult situation you faced. Focus more on the solution than the problem. Include what you’d do differently if a similar situation occurred. This shows you’re open to learning from experience.

Talk About a Time You Demonstrated Leadership Skills.

Focus on a time when you led a project, proposed a different solution, or helped motivate your team to accomplish something. Then, use the STAR method to share your story. Include enough detail to clarify what happened and what the result was. Point out how this story shows leadership skills and connects to the role you want.

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