How to Build a Culture of High Performance

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Your company culture provides a foundation for both employee behavior and innovation. It should encourage your team to share their ideas and problems in order for your organization to move forward. This promotes a positive work environment that increases engagement, job satisfaction, and employee retention. The more high-performing your culture, the more top talent wants to work for your company.

Follow these guidelines to create a high-performance culture within your company.

Become an Ally

Show your team that you want the best for them. They need to see that you have confidence in their abilities and care about their career development. This includes demonstrating empathy when your team members struggle and asking whether you may help find a solution. For instance, “Your situation sounds frustrating. I know you can handle it. Would you like to think it through together?” This encourages your team members to open up about their ideas and find effective ways to overcome obstacles.

Develop an Effective Outcome

Focus on the joint result you want to attain. For instance, ask your team member, “What is the outcome you would like to see?” Let them discuss what they want to achieve for both themselves and the organization. For instance, “I want to more effectively communicate, collaborate, and resolve conflict with my teammate.” Then, work with your team member to develop a positive, clear, meaningful outcome.

Find a Hidden Opportunity

Consider how the problem can help you and your team member achieve the desired outcome. For instance, your team member may learn to practice a new behavior to more effectively communicate, collaborate, and resolve conflict. Or, you could come up with ideas to coach the team member on their presentation style so they further contribute to the team’s performance.

Create an Action Plan  

Work with your team member to develop their goal and a plan to attain it. Make sure they are completely dedicated to performing the work to reach the desired result. For instance, you may want to serve as an ally by scheduling time to provide guidance for your team member to positively contribute to your team. Your objective should be that they follow through on taking the desired action, assessing the results, and continuing to move forward.

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