6 Tips to Shine as an Administrative Assistant

When you start an administrative assistant job, you want to make the best possible impression. This is why you need to establish effective habits right away. The more you excel in your position and provide value to your coworkers and supervisor, the more likely you are to advance within the organization.

Implement these six tips to stand out in your role as an administrative assistant.

1. Create a Routine

Establish a system for accomplishing your work. Self-discipline and organization help you effectively manage your time and remain productive. Look for ways to increase efficiency throughout the rest of the office as well. There may be areas that could be streamlined to benefit your coworkers. Talk with your supervisor about implementing your ideas.

2. Prioritize Tasks

Make sure you accomplish your daily activities in order of importance. You may want to make a list at the end of each day of everything you need to get done tomorrow, then rank the most important tasks to be completed first and the less important tasks to be done later. Keep in mind that your list likely will change during the day as unexpected things come up. When you need to add a new task, rank it accordingly.

3. Stay Proactive

Consider any obstacles that may arise and how you can overcome them. For instance, be aware of what is happening in the workplace and which events are coming up. Also, think about what needs to be done to accomplish your goals and what may prevent you from doing so. Proactively resolving potential issues helps you quickly adapt when things go differently than planned.

4. Clearly Communicate

Share your knowledge, ideas, and feedback in an easily understood manner. For instance, think through what you want to say and how you want to say it so your intended meaning is clear. Also, consider what actions you want to take and your reasons behind them so you can explain why you did what you did.

5. Ask Questions

Request more information when you need it. Adding to your knowledge base lets you more quickly get acclimated to your new position and stay productive. Receiving clarification for things you are unsure about also reduces the odds of making a mistake.

6. Request Feedback

Ask your trainer or supervisor for input on your performance during the first few weeks. At the end of each day, ask whether they noticed anything you might improve on. Your proactivity sets a positive tone for receiving and implementing feedback.

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