Soft Skills Employers Value

Being a candidate with strong soft skills puts you in high demand for jobs. How you relate to others is one area you need to emphasize in your interviews. The interpersonal characteristics you exhibit can make a difference in whether you are offered a role.

Here are six soft skills to emphasize during your next interview.

1. Communication

Writing, speaking, and listening skills are important in the workforce. This may include communicating with colleagues, managers, coworkers, customers, clients, or vendors in person, over the phone, or in writing. Actively and empathetically listening also is important. This can help resolve issues and overcome obstacles. Be sure to discuss your skills such as report writing, negotiation, and nonverbal communication during your interview.

2. Critical Thinking

The ability to analyze situations and make informed decisions is important. You must understand problems, think critically, and develop solutions. This involves creativity, flexibility, and curiosity. Suggested skills to mention during your interview are innovation, adaptability, and the willingness to learn.

3. Leadership

The ability to make decisions and manage people and circumstances is required for career growth. You must be willing to lead during difficult times and resolve interpersonal conflicts. Topics to talk about during your interview include how you make deals, provide feedback, and inspire people to take action.

4. Positive Attitude

Being friendly, eager to work, and a pleasure to be around are qualities that employers need. A positive work environment promotes engagement and productivity. This is especially important when the work is fast-paced and stressful. Be sure to mention how you share your energy, humor, and patience with others.

5. Teamwork

You must be able to collaborate well with colleagues and coworkers. This is especially important if you have a lot of team projects. You have to share your progress, resolve interpersonal issues, and overcome obstacles to present the finished product on time. Be sure you talk with the interviewer about how you develop interpersonal relationships, deal with difficult situations, and apply feedback from others.

6. Work Ethic

Showing up for work on time, remaining focused and organized, and finishing tasks before the deadline are necessary. You need to effectively organize your time and thoroughly finish your work. This includes self-motivation, following directions, and asking for help when needed. Some topics to discuss during an interview are dependability, autonomy, and perseverance.

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