7 Keywords to List on Your Administrative Assistant Resume

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As an administrative assistant, you are responsible for keeping everything in order at the office. You maintain schedules and supplies and answer questions. You also oversee staff and solve and prevent problems. Because of the exceptional value you provide, your resume needs to reflect your skills.

Include these seven types of keywords on your resume when you search for your next administrative assistant job.

1.     Management Skills

Include management skills to show you handle supervisory responsibilities. These may include controlling expenses, increasing efficiencies, and enhancing quality. Saving money, taking initiative, and assigning tasks are important as well.

2.     Administrative Skills

Mention your top administrative skills. These may include graphic design, database management, or web design. They also may involve identifying optimal suppliers, maintaining confidentiality, or producing a high volume of work.

3.     Organizational Skills

Share your ability to organize files, data, schedules, processes, and projects. This may include juggling competing priorities, orchestrating events, or anticipating the needs of supervisors. They also may involve consistently meeting deadlines, quickly learning new technology, or streamlining processes.

4.     Communication Skills

Verbal and written communication skills are necessary parts of your work. Mention how you warmly greet visitors, efficiently resolve complaints, and demonstrate a personable phone manner. Also, share that you compose effective correspondence, clearly explain things, and properly screen calls and visitors.

5.     Soft Skills

Your interpersonal talents let you work well with others. These include dependability, flexibility, and meticulousness. They also involve precision, team orientation, and the ability to thrive under pressure.

6.     Hard Skills

Your hard skills are the ones you picked up through school or work. They may include advanced computer proficiency, accounting/managing payrolls, or data process and filing. Other hard skills are typing speed, knowledge of administration, and business knowledge.

7.     Customized Keywords

Use the job description to determine which keywords are most important for the role you want. Because the requirements vary by job and employer, you want to target your resume as much as possible. Using the main keywords in the posting helps your resume get past the applicant tracking system (ATS) and into the hands of a hiring manager. This increases your odds of being contacted for an interview.

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