I Need a Job, But I Don’t Have the Right Experience. What Can I Do?

JobStoreStaffing_I Need A Job But I Don't Have Experience

From the outside looking in, hiring can appear complicated and downright impossible. The job you want seems so far away. Active job seekers may be submitting dozens of job applications per week with no feedback or battling through phone interviews, in-person interviews, and other hiring hurdles. Often job postings will have high expectations for work experience and education. This is exactly what to do when you need a job but can only find positions that don’t necessarily match your experience:

Focus on What You Have

Don’t get distracted by a lengthy job description in a posting. While you may feel underqualified, it’s likely you can find ways to match your abilities with a potential manager’s aspirations. Forging a new career path is all about knowing your transferable skills. For example, suppose you’ve worked in basic manufacturing, but you’re seeking a role as a warehouse administrator. In that case, you need to talk about your ability to carefully assess the quality of a completed task to ensure the next step is ready to go. Write down the skills you’ve obtained and spend some time re-framing them to prepare for another industry.

Visualize the Role

When you see a job description outside of your comfort zone, spend some time analyzing the duties attached to that role. Can you do this job? There may be a specific software you’re not familiar with, but every new job has a learning curve. Plus, you may be able to “upskill” yourself. If you want to apply for a job that requires a high level of proficiency in Microsoft Excel, there are thousands of online tutorials that can help you build skills that hiring managers seek.

“Preferred Requirements”

When you see this term, remember that this is above and beyond. Every recruiter wishes for a large group of candidates that ticks every single box, but that’s not realistic. It’s easy for managers to get carried away with requests that would only be a bonus. Preferred requirements are just that – preferred. Show them you can meet their standards and grow into their dream worker — once you’ve secured the job.

Work With Us

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