Here’s Why Your Candidate is Ghosting You

Hiring managers are experiencing something new – the brush off. Gone are the recession days of clamoring candidates. Instead, more and more employers are dealing with no-shows for scheduled interview times, ignored calls, and no response after issuing an offer letter. How can you facilitate responsive candidates in this job market? We’ll share some tips.

Modern Candidates

Candidates are stepping up to take some control over the process because they may be underemployed. This means they have skills they are not utilizing, and they can take their time selecting the right role. A skill gap in the market means patient candidates that can choose which opportunities they pursue based on more than salary. Today’s workers will be looking for a positive company culture, a great benefits package, and even remote work options. 

Look For Red Flags

Keep your eye out for warning signs that your applicants may not be engaged in your process. For example, a lack of communication. If you have to initiate contact multiple times or there is a long lag in communication, they may have another job on their mind. Rescheduled interviews can be normal, but it may be a sign that they are not actively interested in your role. 

Review Your Process

One way you can reduce candidate “ghosting” is to refine your hiring process. Make recruitment a priority instead of the last item on your list. For example, you should be proactively reaching out to candidates and interviewees. If you take too long to respond, you’ll be losing out on top talent. When you find the right recruit, make an offer quickly, so they don’t get scooped up. Additionally, make sure your application is easy to navigate for a positive user experience.

Job Store Insight

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