6 Ways to Show Your Staff Appreciation During the Holidays

The 2020 holiday season is here, and it’s unlike any other. While we may be restricted from some of our usual celebrations, we still want to emphasize the importance of appreciating your employees in a way that helps them feel supported. Here are six different ways that employers can show their staff how much they are appreciated during the holiday season.  

1. Communication Methods  

While we emphasize positive affirmation for employees in real-time, there are other ways to show appreciation for your workers’ efforts. Try taking an old-school approach and write a handwritten card. Take some time this holiday season to write a note to each of your workers with specific praise, expressing your gratitude. Sincere appreciation around the holidays can help with team morale and retention.  

2. Plan to Give Back  

Although we are living through an era of social distancing, there are still safe ways to give back to the community. Volunteer work is a great way to bridge the gap between co-workers who don’t know each other well. A canned food drive drop-off or clearing trash in your area can encourage your employees to shop locally for their holiday gift-giving and inspire a positive spirit.   

3. Support Relaxation  

Facilitate appreciation by giving your workers time to recharge. This season can be very rewarding, but also very stressful. Many of your workers may be struggling with anxiety, depression, tight finances, or a number of other stressors. Try to find ways to help your employees decompress. Maybe you can offer longer long breaks seasonally, or Friday half-days. If you can’t sacrifice time on the schedule, try compensating financially with a holiday bonus.  

4. Flexibility for Remote Work  

Now more than ever, it’s important for work to get done well, and get done before the deadline. Other than that, it’s impractical and unproductive to micromanage your team, especially if your workers are hybrid or remote. Split concentration is frequent in our new normal, and the best thing you can do as a boss is offer some leeway, so they don’t feel split. If your employee needs to take some time for pet management or monitoring children, encourage them to take that time and return when they can. You’ll receive better work when you allow for frequent breaks.  

5. Step Back  

Allow for independent socialization. While you likely want to be in on the fun, it’s important to set your team up to bond without your participation. Even the most congenial boss is an authority figure, which can be intimidating in a relaxed setting. If you’re hosting your company holiday party on Zoom this year, stick around for a drink and then depart early. Trust that even if you are a well-liked leader, stepping away can help your employees create connections.  

6. Peer Recognition  

Many leaders will tell you it’s important to recognize your workers. However, support from peers can be even more powerful. A worker that feels recognized by their co-workers will feel empowered to perform. It also helps morale – establishing a “Secret Santa” for the workplace helps employees identify common ground and share in the holiday spirit.  

Our Team is Here to Help

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