5 Time Management Tips for the Busiest Managers

Your demanding job likely does not allow for tons of flexibility and casual chats around the water cooler. In a fast-paced managerial role, you don’t have time to waste. Managers can struggle with the massive amount of tasks to juggle. It can seem impossible to get it all done. We’re sharing our top 5 time management tips to help you prioritize and get it all done.  

1. Plan Your Day  

The first step of effective time management? Planning out your day. Knowing what comes next cuts down on distractions and rabbit holes. A list is a simple tool that can be the key to your success. Google any billionaire CEO you like – you’ll be able to find that they stick to a routine. Scheduling your day keeps you on task and allows you to plan for breaks throughout the day as well so you don’t feel overwhelmed. 

Scheduling is absolutely critical for a manager. You can’t wing it anymore. If you don’t like using a paper planner, find something that works for you. Whether it’s your digital calendar, meeting reminders, or a virtual planner, you need to stay accountable and find a home for your appointments and notes. 

2. Communicate 

Most managers task communication as the most difficult aspect of high-level leadership. This can include relaying instructions clearly and effectively, listening to employee and client concerns, and talking about your company’s mission and vision. Talk to your workers about communication – do they prefer quick, on the fly notifications through an app on their phone or a simple text message? Or if your work is project-based, you can create a public bulletin board for all team tasks. The important part is that you work with your team to communicate. 

3. Delegate 

You hire great employees for a reason – to put them to work! Too many leaders micromanage or take on tasks that can be shared with a competent team. Find out the strengths of your team members, and utilize them. Whether it’s passing off social media to a savvier worker or leaning on your marketing team to innovate your next strategy, you can find strength in numbers when you trust your crew! 

4. Limit Interruptions 

Managing conflict is part of the gig, even if you have an aversion to confrontation. Preventing tension within the team is your best bet to decreasing distractions. Prioritize morale, and create a great rapport so that workers feel comfortable coming to you with concerns before they become crises. This means knowing when to step in and play peacemaker, and when to be hands-off and have employees mitigate conflict between themselves.  

5. Create Effective Habits 

Leadership is all about setting the right precedent for your staff. If you set the bar high and demonstrate your expectations, you can count on a better outcome. To manage your time, start by asking for help when you need it. Showing others you are in the habit of seeking assistance when you need it will help your team know that they can reach out to you too. 

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