Don’t Scare Off Potential Employers With These Interview Red Flags

WARNING: If you want to get the job, you have to ace the interview. Your resume can only get you so far. Making a strong positive impression during your meeting is crucial in convincing a hiring manager that you’re the right one for the role. To stand out to any potential employer, you’ll need to avoid the following interview red flags.


Do not be late. Not even a minute. For any reason. It is so incredibly important to make a strong first impression at the moment the interview begins, and you can’t do that if you’re not there! There are many ways you can anticipate your arrival. Consider mapping out your route beforehand, so you don’t get lost in construction or miss a turn. You can also do a dry run the day before to guarantee that you know exactly where you’re going. Managers take heed of late arrival – they’ll assume you’re unprepared, unreliable, and unfit for the job.

Negative Body Language

There are a few ways you can send up a red flag without even saying a word. Negative body language can be a huge drain on your outward appearance. Avoid crossing your arms, leaning away from a conversation, and fidgeting. Be sure to smile! Keeping your face bright and positive is a simple way to communicate that you are friendly and ready to be a part of a team. You also want to appear attentive: this includes open body language that shows you’re not closed off, and you’re ready to accept a new challenge.

Phone Usage

When you’re meeting with a potential employer, you need to take every step to convey professionalism. While your cell phone is a versatile tool that can be used for perusing LinkedIn and sending emails, it’s easy for a manager to assume that if you’re on your phone, you are not paying attention. It can serve as an unnecessary distraction and can convey you’re not fully focused. Play it safe and silence your phone before you enter the threshold.

Look the Part

Whether you feel confident you will ace the interview or you’re applying for a more practical position, be sure your interview attire is appropriate. While in many settings, it may be fitting to skip the full suit when you meet with a hiring manager, be sure to have a well-kept appearance, including basic grooming, clean and pressed clothing, and unscuffed shoes. If you can’t prepare to look professional, hiring managers will question your willingness to suit up for the position.

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