Tips for Hiring the Best Candidates During Times of Low Unemployment

Hiring is tough even under the best of circumstances. In an ideal market, you’ll have plenty of applicants to review and interview before you can bring someone on. But during low unemployment, it seems impossible to recruit effectively. It can be extra challenging to continue your regular operations when low unemployment can mean it’s hard to bring in talent ready to start ASAP.

Expand Your Search

Start your search by opening your perspective and maintaining flexibility. For example, if you’ve kept to a tradition of only hiring college graduates, think outside the box. You can likely find skilled workers without a formal education or consider teaming up with a local college or university to provide internship experience to help workers develop their abilities. If you utilize targeted geographic marketing, try branching out to surrounding areas in your community. Many candidates are willing to commute for the right position.

Boost Benefits

Use unique perks to entice workers. Benefits like in-house daycare, extra healthcare coverage, or wellness or education vouchers can inspire new candidates to apply for your jobs. You may see more interest from skilled workers that originally had other plans but are unable to pass up an opportunity that will help their family. These added experiences also appeal to a generation of younger workers that may be grappling with healthcare costs or looking for perks outside of pay, like flexible hours or better work-life balance.

Team Up with a Staffing Agency Like Job Store Staffing

When the candidates simply aren’t coming to you, it’s time to simplify the job. Quit wasting time and money and turn to the experts. A professional staffing service, like Job Store Staffing, can help you improve and expedite your hiring process. With Job Store Staffing, you can skip the struggles of resume-reviewing and phone screens to get back to your duties. Contact us today to learn more about letting the experts take over the process so you can enlist qualified workers ready to start on day one.

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