5 Ways to Keep Productivity High During Summer Months

The snow melts off the mountains, the sun starts to shine brighter, and before you know it spring has turned into summer. It’s refreshing to transition into warmer days, especially after a long Colorado winter. However, summertime excitement can negatively affect staff productivity. If you’re worried about keeping your team on task during the summer, you’re not alone. Here are our top five tips on how you can help your employees stay focused when the seasons shift.  

1. Lean In

We want to emphasize the importance of understanding and supporting your team. An authoritative approach in the summer often doesn’t take. A successful manager balances that fine line between harsh and soft leadership. To really get the most from your workers, you have to give a little. To encourage productivity in the summer, offer rewards and opportunities. A monthly 4 p.m. happy hour may gently discourage your workers from cutting out early when you need them. You’ll encourage team-building and give employees a needed way to release the pressures of the job. 

2. Get Physical

On sluggish, hot summer days it can be hard to keep your brain engaged. To get the blood pumping and remain in the moment, try keeping active! Consider reaching out to local fitness centers to bring in a trainer. Turning a team lunch break into a thirty minute workout can really invigorate your workers. Additionally, you can look into less intense options: Cubicle-dwellers benefit from the option of a standing desk to reduce sedentary days. 

3. Brainstorm Goals

Hosting a massive brainstorming meeting. Use this time to assess what your company must accomplish this summer, and what you’d like to see as well. Encourage a collaborative meeting time where employees can suggest topics to discuss or projects to work on throughout June, July, and August. Summer can be a great time to buckle down and get to those tasks that slip through the cracks. 

4. New Projects

Workers want to work! While it’s nice to not feel overloaded on tasks, workers may feel frustrated when they aren’t motivated by a short list of duties. Use your brainstorming meeting to transition into this next step of taking on some summer projects. Schedule time to plan each project out, delegate assignments to employees, and inspire them to execute throughout the summer. 

5. Consistent Check-Ins

Our final step for employee accountability from Memorial Day to Labor Day is one-on-one meetings. Scheduling a sit-down with every employee over the summer serves a few purposes:

  • Allows you to give an informal evaluation – a casual chat about job performance;
  • Gives each worker a chance to privately air grievances or discuss duties; and 
  • Prevents employees from “checking out” all summer. 

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