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Staff members that go ignored tend to go somewhere else. Every employee needs to understand what to do, why they are doing it, and how they can impress their supervisor. To retain staff members, you need to remind them why they agreed to join the team in the first place, and they need to feel you remember why you hired them. Here are our top tips on how to appreciate your employees.


Showing appreciation to your employees is not only beneficial, but it’s also necessary. On a small or large scale, make efforts to recognize your hardworking staff. Whether it’s a quick shoutout in a staff meeting or an email talking about the specific efforts that made a project possible, any little thing can perk up a worker on a tough day. Plus, it costs nothing.


Public recognition makes a big impact. If you don’t have a space on your website to show your staff off, create one! Spend a day taking professional photos and creating a paragraph on each worker that discusses their skills and interests, and you’ll have a team that feels more like a family. It’s a bonus for clients too: work becomes friendlier when you can put a name to a face.

Give Them a Voice

The ability to have a real, measurable impact on a company is something many employees value. Being able to understand the big picture and be a part of the larger vision shows your staff you trust them and appreciate their input. Create a committee focused on the vision of the company and how to improve your organization, or ask their advice on new projects and initiatives.

Ask Them!

One of the biggest mistakes employers make is showing appreciation that goes unappreciated. Ask your people what they’d like to see. If you’ve organized Bagel Mondays without knowing that half your staff is gluten-free, you’re not really giving back to your team. Instead of springing events and rewards on your people, ask them individually how they would like to be recognized. It circumvents miscommunication and helps you feel confident you’re elevating your workers.

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