How to Set Expectations for New Employees on Your Team

Onboarding can be overwhelming for everyone. New workers need to learn their roles quickly, and managers have other priorities. The problem is, setting expectations for new employees is crucial to successful performance and high morale. How can you make onboarding a priority and be sure your expectations as a leader are met?

Start Early

Onboarding is key. If your focus isn’t on your new worker the day they arrive, it’s likely they won’t be equipped to succeed in their position. Any necessary information, onboarding materials, and norms and regulations need to be determined on day one. For example, if you forget to mention during onboarding that personal phone calls during company time are not allowed, you’ll have to enforce it a few months from now because no guidelines were set for this concern.

Clarify and Correct

Be prepared to answer questions and correct behavior. Your rules can’t be vague or cryptic if you want them followed. If there are questions about dress code, phone usage, client etiquette – address and clarify these inquiries. Don’t be afraid to correct new workers if they make a mistake. A moment of embarrassment is better than a year of repeating the same error.

Regular Check-Ins

Day one is crucial, but so are week one and month one. If you’re not checking in with your new staff member, you’re going to miss things. Schedule a monthly one-on-one meeting to review performance as well as fit. Ask how they’re adjusting and if they have any concerns or needs. Be proactive when it comes to keeping your workers happy and helping them acclimate to your team.


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