5 Tips for Answering: What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

In a job interview, a recruiter will ask the dreaded question: What’s your biggest weakness? Your strategy to conquer this question needs to be solid. Appearing confident and capable will help you nail the interview and prove you’re the ideal candidate. Here are our top five tips on how you can impress a hiring manager and answer this question successfully:

1. Don’t Dodge

Never avoid this question. Claiming you have no weaknesses or refusing to answer is a huge red flag to employers. A candidate who can’t accurately assess their shortcomings is not one welcome on a team. Prepare your answer before the interview, so you don’t feel the need to dodge this important inquiry.

2. Emphasize Growth

Mention how you’ve improved in a certain area to show your ability to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Talk about where you started with a specific skill, and the steps you took to take that ability to the next level. If you haven’t mastered a specific software, for example, discuss what efforts you’ve made to grow your progress when working with that system.

3. Talk About Non-Essential Traits

Worried about emphasizing your weakness? Focus on a non-essential skill. Sharing a weakness that won’t be relevant to the position is a great way to answer this question thoughtfully while maintaining honesty. If you won’t be supervising a team, mention you have trouble delegating work to subordinates. This shows you have something to improve upon without making you look unqualified for this position.

4. Spin It

When an employer asks about your greatest weakness, focus on the positive. You want to be genuine and ensure you answer the question, but it helps to show how your weaknesses can also be strengths. If you’re a perfectionist by nature, discuss how it can hold you back but, yet nothing gets by you. Being attentive can have its drawbacks when you’re close to a deadline, but it’s also great to have a perfectionist around to double-check project tasks.

5. Prepare for a Switch-Up

Don’t let your mind go blank if they ask, “What part of this job will be the most challenging?” This variation on the classic question just indicates an employer wants to understand where you’ll need support in this role. Answer authentically and talk about the strengths you’ll employ if you’re hired. Just because a recruiter doesn’t ask the question the way you expected doesn’t mean you should panic. Stay focused and answer accordingly.

Ready for more tips?

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