The modern workforce is all about change. Now, more than ever, employees can explore their options. Thirty-year careers are less common, and job-hopping is no longer taboo. Many professionals are interested in gaining new experience with different organizations within three-to-five years, instead of 10 to 20. If you want to branch out and consider a new position, here’s how to job search without your boss knowing.

Keep it Close

Unsatisfied workers may forget new opportunities could be available within your organization. Making a lateral move or finding a new role at your company can give you the boost of confidence and professional development you need. Internal changes are often just as effective as a position at a different company when it comes to addressing your professional needs. Assess what you’re unhappy with in your current position, and see if your career goals can be accomplished in another department.

Search Smart

Utilizing working hours to find a new position is not a clever move. You need to job search during your off-time. Although it may be tempting to sneak a search or create a cover letter behind your boss’s back, you never know who’s watching. If you’re unhappy with your job or having a rough day, take motivation from your struggles and start your search at home. It’s more professional, and it also prevents you from experiencing a violation of your privacy. If you receive a call or message about a job opportunity, don’t answer on a work device. Step out of the office and respond using your personal phone or device to communicate with prospective employers.

Share Strategically

If you choose to inform co-workers you are job searching, disclose it carefully. Networking can get you a great gig, but be very cautious when confessing your job search to co-workers. They may bring it up with others or notify your supervisor. Be particularly careful if you work for a close-knit organization or a small company. Tell only trusted colleagues, and make sure to be discreet. If you’re making LinkedIn updates, for example, make them over the course of weeks, not hours. Make connections outside of work, if possible, so you’re not exposing your job search while in the office.


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