In any job interview, one of the most important aspects a hiring manager seeks in a job candidate is their ability to lead. Managers desire job prospects that will commit for the long haul and show promise toward higher levels within the organization. When you want to stand out during an interview, it’s important to show you’re a capable team member. Here are our top tips on how to demonstrate your leadership skills in an interview:

Start With Motivation

If a hiring manager can see you’re an enthusiastic self-starter, they’ll be able to picture you in the role and your future growth at that company. Show professionals in your network you have positive energy and you’re willing to work hard and inspire others to succeed. You always want to show you’re a professional who can stand up to scrutiny and takes responsibility seriously.


Part of being a cooperative team player is doing your part and admitting when something slips through the cracks. When you get the infamous “What are your weaknesses?” interview question, give a straight answer. Own up to your faults and potential employers will respect your honesty. Every industry leader has their flaws, so don’t stress about being perfect.


Provide Specifics

If you can show your leadership in a tangible way, you’ll be twice as likely to be considered for the job. Often for higher-level positions, the posting will recommend you show “increased levels of responsibility” over a designated period. You can demonstrate this by talking about programs you’ve developed, trainings you’ve led or examples of conflict management. Provide as many specific examples as possible to show you can successfully manage products and people. Even if your job title hasn’t changed in your most recent position, you can still show a pattern of authority and increased responsibility.


Strong Decision-Making

When your resume gets chosen for an interview, you only have a limited amount of time to convince the hiring manager that you’re the best fit for the job. Showing your leadership skills through strong character and decision-making will help you stand out from the crowd. Talk about tough choices you’ve had to make in your professional experience, or share personal accomplishments when your decisions helped your organization succeed. Your job titles and credentials get you in the door, but your decisions and innovations will land you the job.


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