What Happens to Your Application After You Hit “Send”?

Your job hunt can be stressful, exhausting, and frustrating. Even when you’ve found an ideal posting, there’s work to be done. It can be confusing to know when to follow up or how to proceed next. Here at Job Store Staffing, we’re doing our best to lead you through the process. Here’s what happens behind the scenes after you press send.

Sometimes? Nothing

As a candidate pursuing the perfect position, it can be easy to forget that recruiters have it tough too. Most likely, they’re buried in submissions and they’re facing an overwhelming amount of candidate applications to review. Weeding through those that make the cut and meet the qualifications can be daunting for a hiring manager. Be prepared: You may simply get no response. Applications go through the pipeline in a different manner at each company, and sometimes the process doesn’t allow the opportunity to respond to every applicant.

Who Sees Your Resume?

Each organization does things differently. Some businesses use third-party recruiters to expedite the screening process. Recruiters do the dirty work by sifting through hundreds of applications and presenting the client with a few promising results, so that the hiring manager can focus on other aspects of their position. Often, companies will read resumes with a tracking system that targets ideal keywords in an effort to find the right candidates for the next step, which is the interview process.

You’ve Been Chosen

You may now find yourself answering the phone. The hiring manager or recruiter has seen your resume, and determined it’s a good fit. Now comes the tricky part – really selling yourself. A preliminary phone interview is used as a way to gauge your personality and basic work history. This call is just the first step, so use to use your time on the phone to ask what the next phase in the process is.
Finally, the organization will invite you in for an interview where you can demonstrate your experience and show how you fit into the company’s culture. After this, you wait!
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