It can be tough to keep a team on task during the holidays. Between vacations and distractions, it’s easy for a team to become less productive and less motivated. However, a terrific leader knows how to embrace the holiday spirit without sacrificing the company’s resources in excess. Learn how to be the best holiday boss possible using your communication and planning skills, with just a bit of creativity mixed in.

Start With Realistic Expectations

Acknowledge that people may need a little slack during the holiday season. If you can, be flexible with hours and coverage. People may need to duck out, and accommodating your people can help morale and instill trust and cooperation. You may also need to cover some shifts and plan for employees taking vacation time. Make a plan at least a month in advance to confirm you’ll be staffed up through stressful times. If you’re in need of staff, consider utilizing the services a temp agency like Job Store Staffing can provide. We’ve got a database of highly trained professionals waiting to step in, so review listings if you’re in search of more seasonal workers.

Plan Some Fun

During the holiday season, strike a balance between productivity and recreation. This can be achieved by scheduling specific times for fun activities, rather than letting people drift off duty during a project. Try a classic guessing game or decorating contest to invigorate the holiday spirit, or provide special holiday prizes and incentives based on performance to keep employees focused.

Reach Out to Employees

The most powerful way to acknowledge your staff won’t hurt your bottom line – people just want to be appreciated. A great way to stand out as a leader is to spend some time making personalized thank-you notes for each member of your team, acknowledging this year’s accomplishments. Taking the time to show your gratitude is the perfect way to invoke holiday cheer.

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