Every professional knows the importance of the relationship between you and your client. Many times it’s more than just an exchange of service; it’s a bond. To preserve these bonds you create with your clients, it’s essential to tailor your interactions. Varying your communications to clients depending on their needs and your services ensures the highest level of customer service.


Communicate sincerely and in a personal manner. When you talk to a customer, make them feel comfortable and understood. Reach out and relate to them, use their name and recall details they’ve mentioned to forge a deeper connection. A large part of quality customer service involves knowing what’s best for your client and staying engaged. Accommodate their preferences- do they prefer to stay in touch with email, by a phone call? Reaching out to them using their preferred method will make them more inclined to think of you favorably.


Listen to what your client prefers and requires when working with them on a regular basis. Address concerns that may come up, be proactive and understanding, and admit to mistakes. When something goes wrong, fix it and apologize. Clients will understand if an error is made, but be professional and acknowledge your company’s shortcomings. Honesty and integrity will reflect positively on your relationship and on the company you represent.


If you are having difficulty understanding what they need, ask questions and be transparent on how you can serve them. Don’t risk a miscommunication by speaking vaguely, for fear of not having the resources to meet their needs. Be direct about what your company can and cannot do, and realistic about how you can help your client. This will lead to a sincere, straightforward relationship between you and your client, who will be more inclined to return if they are aware of what your are able to do for them.

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