Even managers can’t rest on their laurels. All professionals need to work on developing new skills in order to advance in their career. Skills such as learning new technology or marketing techniques are important, but you can’t ignore emotional and intellectual development. Developing these five emotion-based skills will help you to ensure success.

Managing Your Emotions

Do you get cranky if you are tired, hungry or things aren’t going your way? Perhaps you can’t stop yourself from feeling this way, but you can keep yourself from lashing out at your co-workers. Controlling your emotions is an important part of adulthood and being a professional.

Learning to be self-aware takes time, but it starts with self-control. The next time you feel angry towards someone at work don’t act on your feelings. Instead try to determine the real source of your anger and what you can to do to stop it from happening again.

Fight Your Fear

It is natural to be nervous when you are about to make a big presentation or applying for a promotion. To succeed as a professional, you need to swallow your fear and pursue those challenges to help yourself grow.

Roll with the Punches

Things change in life and at work. You can’t stop change, so you need to learn how to improvise, overcome and adapt. When you can control your moods and fight feelings of awkwardness, you will be able to think quickly in the face of change and determine the best way to handle the new situation.

Always Improve

Being self-motivated is a trait companies look for in their next rising star. Always look for new ways to do things, new skills you can learn and new challenges you can face. When you have your emotions under control, there is no limit to what you can do.

Help Others Improve

Controlling emotions will help you to understand that when you help others you benefit you and your company. You can’t be afraid that you are helping others get the promotion you deserve or the recognition you want. A good leader doesn’t stand on the shoulders of others, but helps everyone shine together.

Emotional development helps you to develop traits companies are looking for. Control your feelings, don’t be afraid to meet new challenges, learn to adapt and be willing to help others and you will be able to ensure your professional success.

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