How to Turn Your Temporary Placement Into a Permanent Job

Approximately 40 percent of employees have temporary positions at the company where they work. Many organizations like using temporary placements for seasonal openings, to support permanent staff and reduce costs. If you are hired on a contingency basis it is possible for you to turn that position into a permanent job if you follow these strategies.

Make Your Goals Clear

Some companies hire people on a temporary basis and only hire them permanently if they are a good fit for the organization. So, if you want to find a permanent position you may be willing to start as a temporary employee. Just make sure you let the agency that is handling the placement and the company you are working for on a contingency basis know you are interested in a permanent position. This will help keep you on their radar when they evaluate your performance.

Be Adaptable and Improvise

Actions speak louder than words, therefore, if you want a company to consider you for a future permanent position, you will want to prove to them that you are worth their consideration. Companies often hire temporary employees to help during an uptick in business. This can be because of a new product launch, an expansion or just a seasonal increase in business.
If you are hired to help handle specific duties when the company is short staffed and hectic, then you will want to show your employer your ability to work well in a crisis. If you demonstrate you are a problem solver, can adapt to a new situation quickly and can start work with little instruction then you can prove your value to the company and stand out from the other temporary employees.

Be Willing to Put in Extra Effort

Companies want permanent employees who aren’t just in it for the paycheck. If you are willing to take on extra tasks, perform duties others pass up and look for ways to help the company, then the organization will see that you are in it for the long haul and behaving as though you are already have a permanent role. This may make it more likely that they will ask you to become a long-term employee if a position becomes available.

Work to Fit In

Most companies hire candidates who are a good cultural fit. You should make an effort to learn about the company culture and find ways to fit in with other employees. If it seems as though you get along well with your co-workers, then management will be more likely to offer you a permanent position.
Just because you are hired on a contingency basis, it doesn’t mean that you have to remain a temporary employee. Let the company know you are interested in a permanent position and prove your value to them by being a hard worker who is adaptable and fits in with the company culture. That way you can turn your temporary placement into a permanent job.
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