If you are looking to advance at your organization, professional growth is important. It is good to know your strengths and weaknesses to improve yourself and progress in your career. In the process of personal growth, you also try to avoid making mistakes that could hurt your career. However, some mistakes aren’t obvious and some gaffes may seem like career boosters. Here is a list of four less-obvious career mistakes to avoid.

  1. Thinking That Putting in the Time is Enough

Seniority is often a factor in terms of promotions, special assignments and raises. However, the length of time you have spent with a company can’t be the only factor that sets you apart from other candidates. Management also considers what your recent accomplishments are to determine if you deserve a raise or promotion.

Don’t just put your time in with an organization. Keep your skills updated, make valuable contributions to projects and make sure that management knows you are always willing to dedicate the time and effort necessary to complete assignments within stipulated deadlines. This way you will show the company you are more than just an employee with tenure, you are also a dedicated worker and prized asset to the organization.

  1. They Can’t Live Without You

Being valued by your department or immediate supervisor is a great feeling. If you can say, “Ms. Jenkins can’t live without me,” then you would think this is a positive career move. Actually, you are doing yourself and your career a great disservice, because if you are indispensable to your manager, then they won’t be willing to give you up. This can mean that you will be passed over for promotion or a lateral move to another department where you could receive important training.

You want to be important, however make sure you aren’t indispensable. Instead, take on responsibilities that help upper management see you are a good candidate for a leadership role, train others on your duties and encouraging co-workers to excel in their positions.

  1. Don’t Always Agree with the Group

When you work in a team setting, it is easy to fall into a lull known as group think. When all team members begin to think and behave as one, creativity and innovation are left behind. While it may seem easier to follow the group, you need to maintain your individuality and be willing to come up with original ideas even if they may seem controversial. Management wants leaders not followers so be willing to lead people with unique concepts.

  1. Don’t Focus On Vertical Promotions

When you enter a department, don’t just focus on having your boss’s job one day. Advancement is an essential element for career growth; however, there is more than one-way to progress through the ranks of an organization. Look at other openings within the company that would offer cross-training opportunities or more responsibilities. It is your career so make the path to success your own and not just following your supervisor’s example.

While avoiding obvious career mistakes, it is also important to see blunders your co-workers are making and learn from them. By not relying on seniority, making sure your department can live without you; looking for promotions within the entire organization and avoiding group think you avoid devastating career mistakes.

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