Job hunting can be scary, especially if you are unemployed while you are searching for a new position. It can be tempting to take any job offer that comes your way. As enticing as it may be, you shouldn’t take a job you don’t really want. You always have options and the stress and anxiety you feel in an undesirable position could hurt your job performance, your mental health, and your family.

Ending the Jobless Cycle

When you start a job search, you are often filled with hope that you will find the position you want, at the salary you desire, and with the benefits you need. As time passes, however, this hope can change to dread. You start to wonder if you are qualified and if any company will ever hire you.

Taking an undesirable position will boost your self-esteem, but this is only temporary. Eventually the good feeling will fade away. Then you are left staying in a position that makes you unhappy. It could be the position pays less, is a step below your previous position, or has few or no benefits. Whatever the reason may be, working in a job you don’t want has emotional disadvantages that outweigh the short-term advantage.

Affects Job Performance

When people work in a job they find satisfying and engaging, they are efficient and meticulous in their performance. People who are in a job they don’t really want, their performance suffers. Not only will this affect your current position, it can also hurt the possibility of finding a better position in the future. A bad reference from your current employer can prevent you from getting the job you do want.

Affects Mental Health

When you work in a position that makes you unhappy, it affects your mental well-being. You can be depressed, stressed or even bored, making you dread going to work every day. You may become tired, not eat, or stop spending time with your family and friends. Looking for a new position may seem difficult and potential employers will be able to see your current state during interviews, even if you try to hide it from them.

Other Options are Available

You never have to settle for a position you don’t want. Instead, you should use many methods to find the best position for you. You should network with family and friends, take your job search online, and use staffing agencies to connect with companies that are looking for candidates with your qualifications. Agents will be proactive in your search and may be able to find a perfect position for you when your own job search comes up empty.

Contact us when you start your job search in Boulder/Broomfield. We take the time to get to know you and what you are looking for in a new position. You won’t have to make do with an unsatisfactory job and instead work in a position that you will find engaging and challenging.

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