5 Ways to Keep Your Job Search From Employers

Searching for a new position while you are employed offers you many benefits. You prove to potential employers that you have a stable employment history, you are able to negotiate benefits from a point of strength, and you won’t suffer from a gap in income until you find a new position. If you want to keep your job search from your employer, however, you will need to follow these five tips.

No Employer Contact

You can keep your job search private by asking hiring managers not to contact your current employer. They will respect this request and if you have other references and past employers for them to contact, hiring managers will still be able to paint an accurate picture of your work ethic.


When you offer potential employers references, make sure you don’t include anyone from your current company. This will prevent an awkward situation where a manager or co-worker has to keep your job search a secret.


This professional social media network helps individuals connect with other professionals and companies. You can post your job history, affiliations, nonprofit experience and other information companies are interested in viewing on your profile page. Companies search for people on LinkedIn that meet specific requirements and contact those who match their criterion. While this may be a passive way to search for a new position, it does work and won’t alert your current employer of your job hunt.

Stay off Other Social Sites

Professionals have their profiles on LinkedIn even if they aren’t currently searching for a new job. A membership on LinkedIn isn’t a red flag for a company; however, companies do monitor employees’ profiles on social media sites. Therefore, if you want to keep your search private, don’t post the information that you are looking for a new job on your Facebook page. Inform friends and family that you’re looking for a new job offline so you can still use networking to find a new position.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies are a great way to search for a new position and keep that search from your current employer. The agent does all of the work for you and will keep the information confidential. Companies like working with staffing agencies because they can hire qualified candidates for short- or long-term positions. If the candidate isn’t a good fit for the organization, then the staffing agency will help it find another individual.
Using a staffing agency is a winning scenario for job searchers and organizations. If you are looking for work in the Denver area, contact us. Let us know the type of position you are looking for, and we will help you on your new career path.

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