Creating a workforce of passionate employees will do more than make workers more engaged in their job. Enthusiastic workers are less likely to call in sick, more likely to stay with a company and improve work performance. If you have a happy employee, you have a profitable business – and if you follow these three tips, you can instill passion in your employees.

Find Your Perfect Match

A passionate work environment starts with employees who are in line with your company’s vision and goals. This means that when you hire new workers, you need to make sure their personality and work ethic is a perfect match for your organization. During the interview process, hiring managers need to ask candidates what motivates them to go to work every day, what they want to get out of their professional career and why they want to work for your company.

These questions will reveal more about a candidate’s personality than the standard interview questions and lead to creating a positive and engaging environment within the company.

Create an Environment of Collaboration

Once you have a staff that consists of positive and engaging employees, you need to further that environment by creating workflows that include collaboration and teamwork. A flexible work environment appeals to younger workers, especially millennials who are now entering the workforce. When employees feel their opinions are heard and that what they do matters, they will be more committed to their position and your company.

Think Beyond Profit

If you want to hire employees who share your company’s mission and are committed to their position, you need to have a purpose that makes your workers proud. Creating a mission statement that benefits people and creates value will help you stimulate passion in your employees. When people feel they are making a difference, they feel proud of the work they do and your company. When workers feel they are just doing a job every day without a positive impact, then they are less likely to be engaged at work.

When workers care about their job, they perform better. If you want to retain qualified employees and improve job performance, you need to create an environment that engages your staff and have a mission that resonates with people. When you screen candidates to make sure they fit your company’s culture, encourage collaboration and have a positive mission statement, then you will instill passion in your employees and increase company profits. If you are looking to hire and retain engaged employees, start by contacting our office. We can help you in your search for qualified candidates in the Denver area.

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